The Association Executive and Its Duties

The Executive is the second highest organ of Association. The Executive members who shall be constituted as follows:
The President, Vice-President, Treasurer, General secretary, Deputy General Secretary, Legal
Advisor, Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Publicity Secretary, Deputy Publicity Secretary, coordinators from year1,2,3 and4 and3 committee members and the first 10 Members are elected in accordance with Article XII by the General Assembly, from among the members of the Association who are present, are fully paid up and who meet the qualifications for holding
these offices.

The Executive has the following functions.
a) To implement and further facilitate the realization of the objectives, policies and
decisions of Association as laid down by the General Assembly.
b) To supervise the affairs of the Association;
c) To appoint the Patron of the Association;
d) To set up task forces and sub-committees as may be necessary to deal with specific issues
pertaining to the functioning of the Association and to co-opt such individuals as shall
have the requisite expertise into such task forces or sub-committees;
e) To consider and approve the annual programs and budget of the Association.
f) To fundraise for the activities of the Association.
g) To develop policies and strategies to realize the objectives of the Association.
h) To organize for the holding of the Ordinary and Extraordinary meetings of the General Assembly of the Association.
i) To receive, consider and to take appropriate action on the Code of Conduct Committee

In electing Members of the Executive, the Association shall follow the Principle of
Retirement by Rotation.

The Executive positions will all have One Year tenures. The executive positions shall be
elected by secret ballot every academic year, by the General Assembly.

At each General Assembly where elections are due to be held, the serving members of the
Executive whose term will have expired shall retire from the Executive

The General Assembly may, after being satisfied that it is in the best interests of the
Association to do so, dissolve the Executive or reduce/increase the term of the Executive,
before the expiration of the tenure.

The Executive shall meet at least three times a semester.
The quorum of the Executive shall be a half of the members who are entitled to attend and

Except as herein provided, the Executive shall adopt its own rules of procedure, including
those for convening meetings, and voting.

The number of persons serving on the Executive may be increased or decreased from time to
time by the General Assembly, as it shall deem fit.

A member of the Executive shall vacate his or her seat if:
a) He or she absents himself/herself from three (3) consecutive ordinary meetings of the
Executive wit hout first obtaining the President’s permission. Permission shall not be
unreasonably withheld.
b) He or she resigns his/her office.
c) He or she becomes of unsound mind, insolvent, or is in any other way incapable
transacting business on behalf of the Association
d) He or she dies
e) He or she conducts him/herself in a manner likely to bring the Association in disrepute or
to work to the detriment of the Association

Where a member of the Executive loses his/her seat on the Executive due to death,
resignation or removal from office as herein provided, the member faction from which he/she
was drawn from, may nominate another person to replace him/her to the Executive within the
time frame given by Executive.

PROVIDED THAT he/she is eligible to be elected to Executive in accordance to the criteria
set by General Assembly.

b) Where the member faction fails to nominate a replacement, for whatever reasons, within
the prescribed time, the Executive shall fill the vacancy for the duration of the remaining
period to the next meeting of the General Assembly.

c) Where the number of Executive members falls below two thirds, the vacant positions shall
be filled at an Extra ordinary General Meeting specifically called for that purpose.

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