ACES President His Excellency Mutagaya Solomon Speaks Out on The Faculty of Science’s GRC Elcetions

President Mutagaya Solomon

About this point of time, the issue of Faculty Elections has taken a deep root in the minds of many and its amidst this blowing storm that the President of the Association of Chemical Engineering Students- Kyambogo University H.E Mutagaya Solomon broken his silence and made his speech to the Chemical Engineering Students’ Fraternity and the Faculty of Science as well in the bid to calm the fear and add clarity on a couple of Issues

We are therefore Privileged to bring to you his full speech below:

President Mutagaya SolomonTimes of decisions like these are always characterized by both fear and uncertainty. This not being an icon of personal weakness implication but of stature of humanity.

I was previlaged to be The Speaker of the 3rd Parliament in which the Sole Candidature Resolution was tabled and hence Implemented. This was an Idea that was neither based on any kind of Self Centredness nor Personal Motive but as a benefit to the whole of Chemical Engineering Dispensation in the bid for continuous Lobbying,Advocacy of Our Rights as well as Accountability all in alignment with our Constitutional Objectives as clearly stated in Article 2 Section 3 of Our Constitution.

The whole Process of Selection was carried out in accordance to the procedure as it was earlier on explained by the body responsible in Our issue about The Selection Process of GRC Sole Candidate By Chemical Engineers and What Exactly Happened. I feel there is a need though to add my voice on that of the committee responsible that the whole process was done under full scrutiny and in accordance Our Code of Conduct.

What is left now however are the few days we have to the General event Elections for which we will live to see happen and hence after per take of its sweet or sour fruits depending on our decision.

With this in mind therefore, I implore you my people to take it upon yourselves and stand for he who will stand for us in return. You and I have a decision to make, we either accept defeat by accepting division or we accept victory by undertaking unity. We have had our own share of bitter history in this particular regard and we won’t advocate for history repeating itself anymore.

Just like our Grandfather Albert Einstein put it clearly that

Insanity is when you keep repeating the same Procedure but expecting different Results.

We are choosing not to follow the same path but rather coming together and ensure that our very own flesh andblood undertakes the seat of the Guild Representative Councillor.

Ladies and Gentlemen,the fog is rising, the storm is bolwing and the winds of political transformation are yet to sweep across our homeland.Let us henceforth agree to disagree with any kindof Election Malpractice to ensure free and fairness that whole electoral won’t be disfranchised. Above all let us vote for the Candidate for whom we advocated for as a whole so  that we will forever be known as a well clued up team.

As Our Mission goes, We are here

“To Nurture Technically Competent Chemical Engineers Ready to Transformthe Society”

Knowledge and Skills For Service!

For God and My Country

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  1. Dinah Nalubega

    it took us a long time to realise and resolve this but I am glad wed did in the nick of time.thank you mr president


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