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ACES President His Excellency Mutagaya Solomon Speaks Out on The Faculty of Science’s GRC Elcetions

President Mutagaya Solomon

About this point of time, the issue of Faculty Elections has taken a deep root in the minds of many and its amidst this blowing storm that the President of the Association of Chemical Engineering Students- Kyambogo University H.E Mutagaya Solomon broken his silence and made his speech to the Chemical Engineering Students’ Fraternity and the Faculty of Science as well in the bid to calm the fear and add clarity on a couple of Issues

We are therefore Privileged to bring to you his full speech below:

President Mutagaya SolomonTimes of decisions like these are always characterized by both fear and uncertainty. This not being an icon of personal weakness implication but of stature of humanity.

I was previlaged to be The Speaker of the 3rd Parliament in which the Sole Candidature Resolution was tabled and hence Implemented. This was an Idea that was neither based on any kind of Self Centredness nor Personal Motive but as a benefit to the whole of Chemical Engineering Dispensation in the bid for continuous Lobbying,Advocacy of Our Rights as well as Accountability all in alignment with our Constitutional Objectives as clearly stated in Article 2 Section 3 of Our Constitution.

The whole Process of Selection was carried out in accordance to the procedure as it was earlier on explained by the body responsible in Our issue about The Selection Process of GRC Sole Candidate By Chemical Engineers and What Exactly Happened. I feel there is a need though to add my voice on that of the committee responsible that the whole process was done under full scrutiny and in accordance Our Code of Conduct.

What is left now however are the few days we have to the General event Elections for which we will live to see happen and hence after per take of its sweet or sour fruits depending on our decision.

With this in mind therefore, I implore you my people to take it upon yourselves and stand for he who will stand for us in return. You and I have a decision to make, we either accept defeat by accepting division or we accept victory by undertaking unity. We have had our own share of bitter history in this particular regard and we won’t advocate for history repeating itself anymore.

Just like our Grandfather Albert Einstein put it clearly that

Insanity is when you keep repeating the same Procedure but expecting different Results.

We are choosing not to follow the same path but rather coming together and ensure that our very own flesh andblood undertakes the seat of the Guild Representative Councillor.

Ladies and Gentlemen,the fog is rising, the storm is bolwing and the winds of political transformation are yet to sweep across our homeland.Let us henceforth agree to disagree with any kindof Election Malpractice to ensure free and fairness that whole electoral won’t be disfranchised. Above all let us vote for the Candidate for whom we advocated for as a whole so  that we will forever be known as a well clued up team.

As Our Mission goes, We are here

“To Nurture Technically Competent Chemical Engineers Ready to Transformthe Society”

Knowledge and Skills For Service!

For God and My Country


Faculty of Science GRC Aspirant Hon Miiro Eddy Launches His Manifesto

me Manifesto

Having discussed in Our previous Issue about The Selection Process of GRC Sole Candidate by Chemical Engineers and What Exactly Happened ahead of the GRC Elections to be held on 30th March 2016, our reporters had an opportunity to reach out to the Chemical Engineers’ Sole Candidate and had a one-on-one talk with him about what he has in stock for the whole Fraternity of the Faculty of Science.

Our reporters were lucky or rather smart enough in the way they asked their questions prompting him to unleash the Manifesto through a direct communication to Chemical Engineers in particular.

Here is what he had to say…

Miiro Eddy GRC 2“I greet you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and ALLAH. I am MIIRO EDDY pursuing Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering year 3, General Secretary Association of Chemical Engineering Students (ACES) and Faculty of Science representative at the Society of Petroleum Engineering(SPE).

I am aspiring as GRC Faculty of Science 2016/17.


There are many issues and challenges at hand but first and fore most is the unheard voice of chemical engineering students; these challenges include:

Certification of BCHE students as Engineering Students in a Professional body of Uganda that is Uganda Institution of Professional Engineers (UIPE)

Delayed release of results and missing column of GPA and CGPA.

Limited furniture in lecture rooms and having combined lectures

Poor sanitation that is dirty lecture rooms and toilets yet there is also no specific ladies facility at the faculty

Project funding and per DM facilitation

Delayed Payment of Allowances

Localized Wi-Fi only at a single point on the whole Faculty

Allow me elaborate on each of these:

The unheard voice of chemical engineering students, this has been portrayed in the past GRC elections where we strived so hard not once or twice but thrice and this time round we come with a solution of unity, an initiative by ACES to have one candidate in the GRC race, surely believing for the undivided support of all BCHE students to earn this leadership position; with it much can be accomplished.

Certification of BCHE Students as Engineering Students in UIPE. This has been on going in Kyambogo University Engineering Society (KYUES) and Dr. Kwetegyeka Justus is also agitating for the same but can be achieved with a coordinated relationship, through ACES, to fight for our space as Professional Engineers even after graduation.

Delayed release of results, this highly affects us in such a way that even attaining a testimonial for the previous semester is close to impossible though most internship and job vacancy applications require results up to your last semester of study; there is a solution to this by the head of department to upload our results to our student portals which is already in progress but looking forward for it being done earlier enough and effectively. Apart from that, the results lists that are ordinarily pinned do not have a column for the GPA or CGPA, without this we cannot know whether they calculated it right or there is more effort needed to improve; this leaves us in a dilemma. All this can be solved with a louder voice of a GRC expressing our state of dissatisfaction.

Limited furniture in lecture rooms and having combined lectures. This highly affects the BCHE students in year one that were admitted in large numbers with no proper budget for their facilities and it worsens when day and evening class are joined to have one lecture. I know frankly that this is unfair, we deserve to have bigger lecture rooms time tabled for us with adequate furniture so that even if we are to be combined for one lecture, we should neither carry seats nor sit outside the lecture room.

Poor sanitation that is, dirty lecture rooms and toilets yet there is also no specific ladies’ facility at the faculty. This highly affects academic performance; it is human that a clean environment motivates one’s activities. Through the Guild we can advocate for disposal bins, effective regular cleaning of lecture rooms and toilets plus an established ladies’ facility at the Faculty of Science.

Project funding and per DM facilitation. SCIENCE and ENGINEERING inspires innovation which comes with research and product development projects and I know for sure that at University level projects can be funded which also helps the whole university at large through basically marketing our knowledge; these funds may be well budgeted to provide equipment, constructing better laboratories with up to date technology, improving to a better research environment, facilitating project trips and also building good relations between Kyambogo university and other institutions that already have the facilities in place.

Delayed payment of allowances especially government students whose faculty, internship allowances are received a long way into their industrial training. This is very inconvenient to both the parents, who know that their children do not have to bother them with any finances and the students, who find difficult living conditions; this has been solved in Makerere University and the same can be done in KYAMBOGO UNIVERSITY since they are all public universities.

Localized Wi-Fi only at a single point on the whole Faculty. I appreciate so much the administration of Faculty of Science and the University for the Wireless Network that was provided to us early 2015 but we deserve Wi-Fi in our various lecture rooms, its inconvenient when all students stand in the walk ways and sit on the pavement to access the internet more so if the Wi-Fi is only at one edge of the faculty. This can be solved by distributing it to the various offices around the Faculty so that also lecture rooms close by are supplied.

I appreciate our patron Dr Okullo Aldo and the fact that we have started this journey of unity with the committed good heart to find solutions to our challenges of which your ideas make a difference and your consistent support drives us a mile further to look for a way forward.

MIIRO EDDY for Guild Representative Council Faculty of Science 2016/17, am humbled by your trust in me to take up this responsibility and I promise never to fail you for it is our right to be served by the leader we vote.

“Ready to transform the society” Thank you.

Selection Process of GRC Sole Candidate By Chemical Engineers: What Exactly Happened.


In Immediate response to the stories that have been running around about the whole Process of Sole Candidature, we as the Association feel that its part of our duty and obligation to let the whole fraternity of Chemical Engineering Students know of what exactly transpired before the Candidate was Announced. Since its in line with Our Core Values and mentioned in Our Constitution Article 2 Section 2 that

“As the Association, We are always obligated to at all times up holding full openness to our members, partners and beneficiaries with respect to our Processes, Operations, Actions and Outcomes”

Origin of GRC Sole Candidature for Chemical Engineering Students:

This followed the a resolution that was reached in the 12th meeting of the 2nd Parliament of Chemical Engineers-Kyambogo University that

“Under clear and vivid scrutiny, a sole candidate will always be chosen. First by consensus amongst the Candidates who would have declared intention or by undertaking primaries incases where the Incumbents would have disagreed to come to an ultimate decision of who to forward for Sole Candidature”

With this in mind therefore, as an Umbrella for Chemical Engineers in the University, we proceeded with the whole Process.

How the Process Transpired

Step 1

The very first step that was taken was to reach out to Chemical Engineering Students and inform them of our Intention of parading a Sole Candidate from one of our very own, which was successful. (Much as BSc Chem 1 claimed not to have received prior information about this matter, we are positive that the majority of Chemical Engineers with in the Fraternity did) With Apologies

Step II

The Candidates who declared intentions of the Position submitted their names to the Association’s Executive Committee which then later arranged for their meeting shortly after for them to reach a consensus.



Step III

On 3rd March 2016 at 4pm G.M.T, the Aspiring candidates sat in a meeting and agreed to disagree with any of them standing. However with the pulse of the Issue a resolution was reached by all that

‘They would Forward and Second Hon Miiro Eddy ( BSc Chem Eng III) as a Candidate of their Interest much as HE WAS NOT ORIGINALLY AMONG THE CANDIDATES’ an Idea to which the Association agreed upon.

Step IV

Amidst his Projects, the appointed Candidate Hon Miiro Eddy was contacted and given the communication about what had transpired in the meeting. Having been part of the Association’s Executive, he readily understood and accepted and hence forth he decided to hold the flag of Sole Candidature.

With all this done however a little contradiction was succumbed in the proceeding days.

A few weeks after the announcement, another BSc Chem Engineering Year 1 Student and Class Coordinator Hon Lubuulwa Cosmas declared intention to stand for GRC Faculty of Science the same seat to which a Sole Candidate had been preliminarily voted. On hearing this, the Executive arranged for a Meeting with him, however in his words he decided NOT to stand down with claims of not have known about Sole candidature.

Thanks be to God that this was at a time when nominations had not been done and so there was still a gap for negotiation. Necessary measures were taken and even meetings with both the Candidates taken and done. However ALL THESE ENDED IN VAIN.

The Final Appointment was set up slated on the 15th March 2016, 10:00am GMT with the Chemical Engineering Students’ Patron where a meeting comprising of ‘The 2 Candidates, The Patron and The President’ was to be held to ensure that contradicting Issue would be solved through the two candidates i.e. Hon Miiro Eddy and Hon Lubuulwa Cosmas reach a consensus. This was however not held. Reason: ‘Hon Lubuulwa Cosmas said he had a Lecture to attend to and he couldn’t dare miss it’. Much as Hon Miiro Eddy also had a Lecture at this very time, by 10:00am he was already right outside the Office of the Patron.

(This left questions in the minds of many that: Since most Guild meetings are held during Lecture times, will Hon Lubuulwa Cosmas be able to actively represent them without saying he had to attend to a Lecture instead? And that Isn’t it Self centeredness to attend a personal lecture and miss a meeting that discusses about issues concerning the people you would like to represent? )

This marked the end of Executive’s bid for negotiations. The Executive therefore decided to carry on with its decision it had made earlier on to stick to the Legal Process of the Sole Candidate.

The Association therefore takes this opportunity to inform the general fraternity of Chemical engineering Students – Kyambogo University that Hon Miiro Eddy is the Sole Candidate for whom we advocate for.