11 Chemical Engineering Pioneers in Kyambogo University set to Graduate 2015/2016 with 1 First Class.



You have indeed fought a good fight and you deserve it!

All stages of Education have a beginning and an immediate end (not an Ultimate end). Talking of levels ranging from Primary all through High School, one thing you couldn’t miss out talking about was ‘The Mighty’ UNEB formerly known as ‘Bukenya’.

Well, when we first came to campus, things were not the same, first was the semester system which many couldn’t fathom even till Year II ( Talking of an Academic Year beginning from August? Weird!), second was the Examination system….(No UNEB here? Really?) and now 3rd comes as a totally different look of things…. Grading! To be honest, most fresh men and women actually left home and were like ‘Mum, Dad, Am going to campus, I will get a first grade I Promise’. They only get to realize shortly after that Its actually 1st Class, 2nd Upper, 2nd Lower…etc

Now, all this was to remind us that the Academic level at University especially when you are doing a degree course like Chemical Engineering is not an easy one.

This Year’s Graduation is set to see the very first batch of our very own Chemical Engineers whom we are proud of graduate. This will go on record that a new generation of Young, Enterprised and Professional Chemical Engineers has been birthed in the Nation from the heart of the Country’s highly reputable Campus ‘Kyambogo University’.

Our reliable sources have informed this Website that the 11 Chemical Engineering Pioneers have been successfully shortlisted on the Graduation list and set to graduate this week. They have successfully done their very best, finished up all exams, Project Proposals and fulfilled all necessary Graduation requirements and Pre-requisites. And notwithstanding, among the Candidates set to Graduate stands a First Class from a prominent member of The Association of Chemical Engineering Students – Kyambogo University Nayebare Brian. ‘We congratulate you in a special way comrade!’

This news catches the Chemical Engineering Fraternity at a time when the Year I juniors, Year II, Year IV Seniors have finished their exams while the Year III Seniors are finalizing their Semester I exams.

As the Association, we proudly congratulate you all Chemical Engineering Grandaunts for this achievement and wish you the very best throughout your Chemical engineering Career! Go show the world which substance we are made of. Let them know that ‘God made the World and All the rest was by Chemical Engineers’

We will bring you the list of Names of all Graduates and their say in our next Issue. Keep informed. Like us on Facebook & Visit Our Website.


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Association Speaker

Is a student member of The Society of Petrolleum Engineers, currently a Chemical Engineering student at Kyambogo University  establishing a career in Chemical Engineering. Former Speaker and the  current Honorable President of The Association of Chemical Engineering Students- Kyambogo University.
He is a blogger fascinated with current affairs as regards to Engineering, Research, Innovation and Technology and Professionalism.
He is a Passionate and…. continue reading

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