A Word from Our Patron

Dr Okullo Aldo 1

Chemical Engineering Students,

Welcome to the world of knowledge

I would like to thank the Association for coming up with this idea and developing a Website. This world of knowledge is also a world of learning. As the word of Our Lord Jesus Christ says; “Strive to enter through the narrow gate”.

I urge you to work hard so that you succeed in the profession of chemical engineering; that is the way to go, it doesn’t come so easy.

Use this chance profitably to benefit from the vast resources that are available on the internet for your learning. There are some free resources such as text books, journals, newsletters, etc. that you can access through Google search and download to make them part of your library.

Make use of the Q and A page (if available), to post questions on challenging areas that you may meet in your studies. You will receive answers from peers, professionals in the area and many other kinds of people, some of whom may have experienced a similar challenge. If the Q and A page is not available I encourage the designers to create one, it is an area of interest where you share experiences and learn a lot from others.

I would like to thank the designers of ACES website so much for the good work done and I give credit to Hon. Mutagaya Solomon for the tireless efforts he has made for this to come to reality.

Success in your Endeavour.


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