The Association Executive Committee 2014/2015

PDF of Executive Members

The Association of Chemical Engineering Students- Kyambogo University 2014/2015 Executive Committee
S/No             Name                                           Position
1          H.E Owaruhanga Ronald                       President
2          H.E Muhimbura Quincy                          Vice President
3          H.L Mutagaya Solomon                         Speaker
4          H.L Zawedde Vivian                               Deputy Speaker
5         Hon Byaruhanga Johnson                      General Secretary 
6         Hon Batuli Joram                                    Deputy Secretary
7         Hon Nampeera Jackline                         Treasurer
8         Hon Katwesigye Adella                          Vice Treasurer
9         Hon Yiga Patrick                                     Research and Projects Coordinator
10       Hon Turamyeomwe Gloria                     Vice Research and Projects Coordinator
11      Hon Buyinza Eriya                                    Publicity Secretary
12      Hon Semaganda Steven                           Deputy Publicity Secretary
13      Hon Mbabazi Sofia                                     Year 3 Coordinator
14     Hon Musulo Shadrick                                  Year 2 Coordinator
15     Hon Odoi Simon Peter                                Year 1 Coordinator
16     Hon Nuweamanyire Christopher                Editor
17    Hon Miiro Eddy                                              Vice  Code of Conduct Committee
18      DR OKULLO ALDO                                  ASSOCIATION PATRON

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  1. Dr. Okullo Aldo (ACES Patron)

    Solomon and the team well done! please keep it up

    Liked by 1 person

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