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We are The Association of Chemical Engineering Students(ACES) located in Kyambogo University Kampala (Uganda).

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We operate in line with our Constitution under a Vision of being

“An articulate, cherished and well clued-up association actively contributing to the welfare of Chemical Engineering students” 

Our Mission is to

“Nurture technically competent Chemical Engineers ready to transform the society” 

Our key core values as the Association are:-

(I) Unity: We always work at promoting Unity amongst our members while celebrating, respecting, recognizing and preserving diversity in the Chemical Engineering field.

(II) Transparency: As the Association, we are always obligated to at all times upholding full openness to our members, beneficiaries and partners with respect to our processes, operations and actions and outcomes.



The objectives of the Association are:

  1. To bring unison all Chemical Engineering students into a formidable force in the area of scientific research in a bid to discover new technologies, enhance existing ones to meet current demand and to positively impact society through the field of Chemical Engineering.
  1. To maintain dialogue with the University administration on matters pertaining to all chemical engineering students.
  1. To undertake Advocacy and Lobbying of Government University administration and other stake holders on issues of common concern.
  1. To promote dialogue, networking, and information exchange among the chemical engineering students on matters of mutual concern to the members.
  1. To establish and maintain a Database of chemical engineering students in order to promote better information exchange among chemical engineering students and other interested parties.
  1. To establish and maintain links with Umbrella associations, operating in Uganda and worldwide, in order to realize any of the objectives stated above.
  1. To lobby University administration for legal policy reform that is geared towards creating a better environment for students to operate effectively and efficiently.
  1. To develop strategies for representation of chemical engineering students on University Administration to ensure full participation of students on issues of mutual concern to them.
  1. To develop a Plan of Action and Programmes to carry out the objectives stated above, in accordance with this Constitution.
  1. To impart entrepreneurship skills to all members as a tool to the emanation of future job creators
  1. To undertake any other activities that are necessary for the effective realization of the Vision, Mission, and objectives of the Association stated above such as contributing to charitable causes at the University.

Eligibility of Membership

Full membership is always open to students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering.

Associate membership is open to persons who wish to further the interests of the Association.Such persons seeking this membership make application to the Executive Committee and the Executive thereafter determines whether then application is successful or not.

Affiliate membership: This is open to all Associations with similar interests and objectives. A club or Association desirous of becoming an affiliated member takes application in accordance with the regulations of ACES. Such application must be lodged with ACES General Secretary who thereafter presents it to the Executive committee for contemplation. Each Affiliated Association then appoints its representative to meetings of the Executive.

Honorary Membership: This is open to Organizations or Individuals who would have rendered a great service or secured a benefit to the Association by either rendering Advisory Services,securing financial assistance in form of endowments, gifts or donations and any other well placed personalities whose membership would be beneficial to the Association. Any member of the Association is always at liberty to nominate an individual or organization for honorary membership. The Nominations is always endorsed by at least 2 members before being submitted to the executive. Each nomination is accompanied by a write up and relevant documentation in respect of either the nominated organization or individual which shows how the nominee has rendered a great service or secured a benefit for the Association, warranting the recognition of the Association.


For more Information please  contact us on

Email: aces.kyambogo@gmail.com OR

The Association Patron Dr Okullo Aldo                                                                          

The Association PresidentHis Excellency  Muhumuza Ronald

The Association Speaker- His Lordship Nkwikaize Timothy

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